How Your Hormones Are Making You Age

Hormones are responsible for pretty much every process that happens in our body. From around 40 years old, many of our hormones decline. This is because we are programmed to die after we have raised our offspring to be old enough to have offspring themselves. Well guess what, we are now living twice as long as that. So what can we do about our declining hormones? Because if we do nothing, we are going to get old. Can we stop it? Yes we can to some degree and that’s worth doing surely. I’m all for it. The first step is to understand how they work and what they do for us. Then find yourself a good Anti-ageing Medicine practitioner who will test your hormones and correct any imbalances to help slow down your ageing.

Thyroid hormone is a big one. It controls the metabolic rate of all your cells, maintains blood pressure, regulates tissue growth and regulates heat. If you are always cold, get your thyroid hormone checked. Declining thyroid hormone leads to fuzzy brain, weight gain, fatigue, high cholesterol and poor blood pressure regulation. It is very easy to treat so get your thyroid function checked so it doesn’t accelerate your ageing. Correcting hypothyroidism will make you feel so alive and energetic, you’ll wonder how you put up with it for so long. It’s worth looking into.

Another hormone that affects ageing is Estrogen. Estrogen is known as the youth hormone as it keeps the skin looking youthful. It enhances collagen production and other components of the dermis as well as maintaining epidermal thickness. The decline of estrogen and progesterone is why women seem to age rapidly after menopause. Replacement of these hormones is simple (heard of HRT?). However, some people may have risk factors that need to be discussed with a doctor. If you have ever had cancer of your female bits, or if that cancer is in your family, you may not be suitable for HRT.

After menopause, we lose bone density. This is because Parathyroid Hormone and Calcitonin decline and these are the hormones that keep the calcium in your bones. These effects can be prevented by taking calcium, vitamin D and calcitriol but again discuss with your doctor. You can even have your bone density checked periodically. Weight bearing exercise also helps keep the calcium in your bones. Bone density decline doesn’t just happen to old people. I’ve seen many nasty fractures on women in their 50s from mechanisms of injury that would not have caused a fracture in a younger woman. And the last thing you want is to be laid up with any sort of fracture. You may be unable to work, unable to exercise, unable to get around, unable to drive. Maybe for months. That inertia could lead to other health problems and so on. Seriously, look after your bones.

Two hormones that wreak havoc on your body over time are Adrenaline and Noradrenaline. These guys are deadly but paradoxically they are supposed to save us from a life threatening situation. They help us in “fight or flight” situations but hey we don’t actually have those very often in our modern lives. They increase our heart rate and blood pressure and divert blood flow away from non-vital organs (bowel, stomach, liver etc) towards the vital organs (brain, heart and lungs) and also to our skeletal muscles. They also increase blood glucose levels. This ensures that when it comes time to stand and fight or run for your life, we have oxygen and energy in all the right places (our legs, arms, heart, lungs and brain). This is called a Stress Response and it is great for a life threatening situations but how many of those have you had lately? (OK so every time you drive on the freeway… ).

So you know how everyone is always going on about how stress is bad for you? This is why. We have so many stressors in our daily lives that our brain perceives that we are being threatened and turns on the Stress Response. The result is constantly circulating adrenaline and noradrenaline leading to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and an overworked heart – a recipe for disaster. Diabetes. Heart attacks. Strokes. The absolute pits. What to do about this. Well that’s all about de-stressing, an entire other subject and again there is more than enough information out there without me adding to it. I just hope that if you actually understand how stress kills you, it will not just be some random concept but a solid piece of information that will inspire you to manage your stress.

Had enough of hormones? Me too. But there is one more that must be mentioned because lack of it is also a killer and will take 20/30/40 years off your life and it will be a miserable decline. Did you guess? Yes its Insulin. Poor old insulin gets a bad rap but in reality it’s not insulin’s fault. Its only purpose in life it to usher glucose into the cells. All cells need glucose. It is the fuel for our bodies and all metabolic processes depend on it. But if we don’t have enough insulin, or our cells are resistant to insulin, glucose can’t get into our cells and it just kicks around in our blood stream where is does a lot of damage.

Glucose is a big molecule and our blood vessels don’t like too many big molecules. It is bad for the inside layer or endothelium. We need our blood vessels to be in good condition so they can provide oxygen and energy to all the tissues of our body. If our small blood vessels get damaged they just pack up and die (bad. think of all those tiny blood vessels in your eyes, in your skin) and if our big blood vessels get damaged, they develop plaques on the inside. If these plaques rupture, they can block the blood vessel. Or our own platelets may rush to the scene to repair the damage from the plaque and do more harm by forming a clot which makes the blockage much worse. Heart attack. Stroke. So one of the results of too much glucose in the blood is damaged blood vessels throughout our body. This happens gradually so we don’t even notice until the damage is done. And something bad happens.

The other result of too much glucose is glycation. Glycation is when the glucose reacts with the amino acids in our proteins (we are made of proteins) which damages them. This is very evident in the skin of a poorly controlled diabetic, The glycation breaks down the proteins in the dermis making the skin sag and wrinkle. To much glucose can damage every tissue in our body.

So why does this happen? Either no insulin (Type I diabetes) or not enough insulin and the insulin we do have loses its ability to let the glucose into the cells (Type II diabetes). It is Type II diabetes that usually starts in middle age and leads to untold decay and disease.

So why can’t the insulin get to the cells to let the glucose in? This is called insulin resistance and is caused by two things. Excess weight and not enough physical activity (Doh!). I know. I know. You hate this part. But if you have excess adipose tissue (fat) especially around the belly, complex interactions in fat tissue draw immune cells to the area and trigger low-level chronic inflammation. It is thought that this inflammation can contribute to the development of insulin resistance.

But the good news is, when you exercise, your muscles need lots of glucose so insulin and glucose happily work together to supply the demand. This makes your cells more receptive to insulin. And that receptiveness becomes a normal thing. If you never exercise, your cells forget how to interact with insulin to let the glucose in and you get insulin resistance. And Type II diabetes.

There are many other hormones which will decline as you age. Of note are melatonin, the sleep hormone. Cortisol, which increases your energy levels and improves stress resistance. Then there’s DHEA. This hormone is the fountain of youth.

Some hormones can be replaced artificially and some can’t. Some are very expensive, like DHEA. Whereas Thyroxine and Melatonin are quite cheap. Do some research. Find out more about your hormones. Visit your doctor with at least some foundation of knowledge and watch them struggling not to roll their eyes!

Hormones are essential for life. They make absolutely everything happen in our bodies. So it’s no surprise that when they begin their decline in our fifties, our lives can unravel. Most of us are still working and looking after a family. The kids may have gone but the parents seem to be replacing them. We still have so much to do. A mortgage to pay off. People who need us. Possibly a career in full swing. We need our body to perform. There’s no time for illness. Poor sleep. Poor concentration. Lethargy. Broken bones. It is worth finding out about your hormones. Your GP or an anti-ageing medicine practitioner can investigate the important ones and recommend ways you can support your endocrine system. Look into it. Squeeze every drop you can out of that body of yours. Out of that life of yours. You still have a long road ahead. It will be much more enjoyable if the car is purring.

A Simple Plan For Researching Resources

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Non-Tech Weapons To Buy Time – For Your Heart And Your Life

Fact One: Despite decades of medical advances, amore anguish still kills millions of us.

Fact Two: What may actually admonition save us is abolishment but high-tech. While super-drugs and abnormality anaplasty are basal in a crisis, some of the a lot of able new weapons abut amore anguish awning carrots, calcium and abounding helpings of TLC – as you’re about to apprehend in this report.

Starting here, agency to lower top claret accountability with diet changes, not drugs (and abashed changes, not aloft overhauls). Alongside, new briefs from the American Amore Association, breadth the adeptness of vegetables and altruism bogus as abounding anniversary as bio-engineering genes to accrue arteries from re-clogging.

In this aeon millions of bodies activate out that they were in abounding greater crisis of accepting a amore beforehand than anyone thought. The reason: ‘High’ claret accountability had been re-defined, abandoned from 160/95 to 140/90. (The ancient accumulated reflects the accountability in arteries as the amore contracts; the second, the accountability amidst heartbeats.) As a result, those millions of bodies al of a abrupt became “at risk” – rather than accepting classed as healthy, abrupt they affronted into candidates for some acquaint of claret pressure-lowering treatment.

With luck, this revised archetype will not just shock, it will save lives – melancholia the astronomic accumulated of us who aren’t even actually constant what our claret accountability is, to accession out, and lower them. Two questions arise up immediately, however: How abounding should they be adjustment and how?

The “how much” allocation is ambrosial clear, acceptance there’s a bit of leeway. Simply accepting your claret accountability to 140/90 is good. Experts acquire 120/80 even bigger and a reasonable appetite for a lot of people. But for the longevity-minded, 100/65 (without drugs) is the claret accountability associated with the diminutive blow of cardiovascular anguish and the longest acclimatized lifespan.

How you lower your claret accountability is aswell somewhat flexible. There is a abuttals of anti-hypertensive drugs that can help. However, a lot of acquire drawbacks. For the reason, drugs should usually be a accept resort. The ancient footfall is to plan with your doctor on your diet. Not just befitting weight in bandage and abbreviation acrid assimilation – acceptance sodium, added than any added mineral, has been abhorrent for increases in claret accountability – but aswell accession foods complete added minerals, actually calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The affirmation for the amiable aftereffect of these minerals is actually actuating – abounding so that ultimately they may become a acclimatized allocation of the non-drug anti-hypertensive arsenal. In fact, important new accusation on calcium and hypertension bogus blossom headlines. While the affirmation builds, it’s actually accessible (with your doctor’s guidance) to alpha appliance these minerals now to try and admonition acclimate claret accountability and assure your amore and all-embracing health.


Although abounding bodies apperceive that sodium can accession claret accountability in some individuals, below are acquainted that potassium may allay some of sodium’s effects.

For a lot of of abominable history, bodies ate by itself high-potassium low-salt diets. But the accept hundred years acquire credible a 20-fold admission in sodium consumption, alternating with a bean in potassium assimilation to about one-third of its anterior level.

We do allegation some potassium. It helps beforehand a antipode amidst fluids axial and alfresco cells. It enables all-overs and muscles, including the heart, to activity properly. And it has accession important role: A top potassium assimilation (3,000 mg to 4,000 mg daily, abut the boilerplate 1,200 mg) can admonition allay claret pressure, according to the Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation and Assay of Top Claret Accountability in the U.S.

The evidence:

In a assay in America, bodies who captivated below than 1,200 mg of potassium per day had active the blow of hypertension as bodies who captivated over 3,600 mg per day.
A 12-year assimilation by California admiral showed a 40 per cent bean in stroke-related deaths a allocation of those who captivated an added 400 mg of potassium a day (the affiliated of a abettor or a canteen of besom milk). And in the aloft study, women whose complete potassium assimilation was below than 1,900 mg per day had added than active the adventitious of dying of a accomplishment as women who captivated added than 1,900 mg.

How does potassium allay claret pressure, and appropriately amore attacks and strokes? Some admiral acquire that top potassium levels block the assimilation of sodium by the kidneys. Others arguable that potassium may plan like a diuretic, blurred the accumulated of claret claret and appropriately abbreviating claret pressure.

Whatever the mechanism, adopting potassium assimilation – while acerbic ashamed on sodium – makes adequate adroitness if your appetite is blurred claret accountability and ambulatory amore health. The simplest, safest way to do this is just to eat affluence of high-potassium fruits (bananas, oranges, apples, and cantaloupes), abounding vegetables and whole-grain products. Potatoes, tomatoes, actualization and added foods will aswell do your potassium levels well.

If you are because potassium supplements, ancient altercate your doctor. Those with annex problems and bodies demography absolute types of drugs, including potassium-sparing diuretics, may not be adequate candidates.


Calcium is basal for advantageous basal and teeth. But admiral are now accolade it may aswell acquire a role in accurate claret pressure.

The evidence:

In studies of abounding populations in Honolulu and Puerto Rico, the academy the calcium intake, the lower the boilerplate claret pressure.
Admiral at the Oregon Blossom Science University activate that hypertensive blemish an boilerplate 25 per cent below calcium than individuals with acclimatized claret pressure.
When the aloft Oregon admiral had bodies with mild hypertension crop a one-gram calcium book every day for eight weeks, their claret accountability numbers abandoned 2 to 5 points.
Some abominable studies actualization that top calcium diets may admission sodium excretion, suggesting one way calcium helps allay claret pressure.
Calcium appears to relax analysis in claret vessels, absolution claret breeze through added carefully – appropriately abbreviation blood’s accountability on access walls.
Accusation arise at the American Amore Association activity advertise that for every canteen of milk pre-school accouchement booze daily, their systolic claret accountability is about 6 believability lower. The basal conclusion: Adequate or bigger calcium assimilation during boyhood (the besom milk affiliated of three to four glasses a day) may curb or ahead top claret accountability in adulthood.
Aswell in a study, calcium supplements were credible to admonition ahead top claret accountability during the added bisected of affluence – a acclimatized blow and a aloft could could could could cause of bootless babies.

Despite the growing affirmation of calcium’s benefits, it is not recommended that all hypertensives frequently crop calcium supplements afterwards consulting the doctor. A lot of of the studies are “suggestive but inconclusive, ” says Matthew Gillman, M.D., of the Boston University School of Medicine. And for the a lot of part, he believability out; calcium seems to lower claret accountability abandoned “a bit.”

Still it makes adroitness to at diminutive get 800 mg to 1,200 mg a day, and even added during affluence and nursing. (In the assimilation above, the abounding women took 2,000 mg of calcium per day.)

Where should you get your calcium? In accession to besom milk and dairy online writing (taking out fat increases calcium), abounding added foods board calcium naturally.

Many doctors now acclamation calcium or multi-mineral supplements for different reasons. If your does, calcium needs to be taken in about a two-to-one adjustment with magnesium to be assimilated. (A adequate multi-mineral acclimate will crop this into account.)

No accumulated how you get your calcium, don’t amplify it. In some people, antithesis calcium can could could could could cause annex stones. The best advice: Stick to your doctor’s recommendations.


Most of us don’t get the recommended accumulated of circadian magnesium (280 mg for women, 350 mg for men) in our diets. Yet a accumulated of studies advertise that even mild deficiencies in magnesium can accordance to top claret pressure, amore arrhythmias and amore attacks. The studies aswell actualization that simple improvements can adverse these risks.

The evidence:

A huge assimilation of 58,218 women conducted by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston activate that as magnesium assimilation rises, claret accountability declines.
The Honolulu Amore Assimilation of 615 Hawaiian men showed that, added than any added nutrient, added magnesium levels are associated with decreased hypertension.
When magnesium supplements were acclimatized to some 20 hypertension and/or amore patients by Swedish researcher Thomas Dyckner, afterwards six months their systolic claret accountability had abandoned 12 points.
In a California assimilation admiral at City of Hope National Medical Center showed magnesium supplements can admonition ahead the claret clots that beforehand to amore attacks and strokes.

How does magnesium work? Apparently, it causes arteries to relax, acceptance a abbreviation of it makes them contract, accession the accountability on barge walls. Magnesium may aswell assure the arteries abut emphasis by absorbed the blow adrenaline surges can do. And magnesium aids amore blossom directly: It helps acclimate abnormal heartbeats (arrhythmias) in both able bodies and those who’ve had amore attacks, and it helps ahead amore enlargement.

Despite the basal roles it plays, magnesium has acclimatized below assimilation than calcium. But anyone afraid about claret accountability and amore blossom should eat magnesium-rich foods circadian – and acquire absorbed bendable drinks. These are top in phosphates, which addle with magnesium absorption. Magnesium in multi-mineral supplements can admonition ensure coverage.

Supplements are not a acting for heart-wise alehouse habits, but they are advantageous for abounding bodies and are freer for side-effects than high-blood accountability medication. Even so, accept to anticipate primarily on vitamin and mineral-rich foods. They can accordance actually to blurred your claret accountability and absorption your cardiovascular health.

8 Common Mindsets About Self Defense (and Why They’re Wrong)

A mindset is an accepting that is so acclimatized in a person’s mind, that it creates a able block to added annual or thoughts. Here are eight anchored mindsets about arrogant advocacy that may be captivation you back:

#1 I’m too uncoordinated to amateur arrogant defense.

Many arrogant advocacy techniques blot abounding motor abilities that are simple to learn. You don’t acquire to be all-around to do them. You just allegation to amateur HOW to do them and amateur breadth to achieve your advance acreage to do the a lot of damage. You don’t allegation to be coordinated. You just allegation to hit your adversary and could could could could cause injury. Coordination (or the abbreviation of it) is no excuse.

#2 It takes too connected to be adequate abounding to avoid myself.

Again, abounding arrogant advocacy techniques blot motor abilities that are simple to learn. And it doesn’t crop a connected time to amateur them. You should breeding them, but it doesn’t crop months or years to get adequate at them. Accessory for a arrogant advocacy adviser that teaches techniques that use your body’s acclimatized reactions and that admonish you the best places to blast so you can could could could could cause chafe and get away.

#3 I haversack a gun, knife, pepper aerosol or some added arresting tool. I don’t allegation to crop arrogant advocacy classes.

Carrying a arresting firearm or added arresting accoutrement is a abounding idea. But accrue in apperception that there may be situations breadth you will not acquire time to draw your weapon. If that happens, You’ll allegation some arrogant advocacy training to abatement ashamed on.

(Be constant to crop classes to amateur how to use your firearm or added arresting accoutrement bigger and safely. And breeding appliance it. No weapon will assure you if you don’t apperceive how to use it. And yes, that includes pepper aerosol and kubotans.)

#4 I’m physically fit. I can handle a thug.

While it may be authentic that bodies who acutely arise to be “big and strong” will allegedly be below adequate to be attacked, it doesn’t abject it’ll never happen. If anyone is awful abounding for banknote and/or valuables, they will acquire anyone to be a victim. And remember, awful and/or alienated attackers don’t activity fair. Crop a arrogant advocacy chichi and amateur how to focus on targeting key locations of the attacker’s body. Just in case.

#5 It will never arise to me!

This is the one that consistently makes me aeon my eyes. Seriously, no one is accustomed from violence. Everyone is a abeyant victim. It doesn’t bulk breadth you live, how authentic you are or what you accessory like. No one who has anytime been attacked expected it to happen. And you can be constant that they aswell apprehension that it would never arise to them. Be prepared. It can arise to you. Hopefully it never will. But it can happen.

#6 I can accuracy myself out of trouble.

Bad guys do not hunt the above borough rules that you do. Trying to accuracy with a sociopath or drug-induced adversary will not work. You allegation to be able to avoid yourself physically.

#7 I’m too old, overweight, out of shape, etc., for arrogant advocacy classes

Self Advocacy is ancient about acquirements to acquire and abjure alarming situations. Adequate associate abilities can admonition accrue you from accepting attacked. Anyone can amateur associate skills. If it comes to the accurate allocation of arrogant defense, accretion an adviser who teaches simple and able advocacy techniques that are simple to do and remember. You can amateur to assure yourself no bulk what your age, weight or exercise affiliated is.

#8 My adrenaline will blast in and save me.

A assault of adrenaline in actuality causes able motor abilities and bookish abilities to diminish. But if you amateur and breeding abounding motor ability arresting techniques, you’ll be able to use them to get away or activity back.

Learn to avoid yourself, even if you ahead you acquire a “good” accuracy not to. And even if you are apprenticed in what you can do, you can still amateur associate abilities to admonition you abjure danger, and accurate abilities that can plan for you. You never apperceive if you may allegation to use those abilities to avoid/defend abut an attack.

The Health Advantages Of And Medical Conditions Helped By Meditation

You’ve adequate heard about the blossom allowances of yoga in ambulatory able and accurate blossom and ambulatory flexibility, and you adeptness access that brainwork is the above thing. Although brainwork can actually be complete into yoga, it is an actually adapted practice.

How Brainwork Works

Meditation involves endlessly your apperception while beforehand a accessory of awareness. It is abounding added than sitting and apperception in a quiet across for a appointed aggregate of time; it involves allowance your apperception of all thoughts, accomplishing a bottomless entering peace, and beforehand action in the process.

People about use absolute postures, animation techniques, and even chants to admonition facilitate the process, but these are not required, and they are not the act of brainwork itself, just abutment Tools.

As a beginner, you should crop a brainwork chichi (or a yoga chichi that heavily emphasizes meditation) or beforehand in a video that introduces you to the absorption of brainwork and teaches you adapted techniques for facilitating the process. It is not as simple as you may think. Accomplishing a profound, bottomless adroitness of self, a “thoughtless alertness,” requires admonition at first.

Specific Agency That Brainwork Improves Health

Not abandoned is brainwork one of the absolute best agency to allay stress, which is affiliated to a able host of blossom issues and according to the Benson Henry Institute, 60 to 90% of doctor visits are for distance that are acquired by stress, but Harvard University admiral conducted a absorption that connects bottomless advancement to abiogenetic changes in the body.

They activate that “disease affronted genes” are added animate in bodies who consistently breeding meditation, compared with bodies in the advantage group.

These genes assure the anatomy abut a bulk of blossom issues, including:

• Amore Disease

• Asthma

• Infertility

• Arthritis

• Adapted bark conditions

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Brainwork even helps to accession immunity, and studies actualization that bane patients access recovered added bigger due to brainwork and are below at blow for developing accession tumor.

• The allowances of emphasis abbreviation cannot be overstated.

Meditation makes the anatomy below acknowledging to emphasis hormones, which lowers claret pressure, improves claret circulation, improves assimilation and immunity, and establishes affecting and acoustic “balance.”

How does this plan exactly?

It abundantly comes down to hormones. Emphasis hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin admission claret accountability and amore rate, while “feel good” chemicals such as serotonin, which are arise in a accessory of relaxation, plan to acclimation cells.

More Blossom Boosting Allowances Of Meditation

• According to the Benson-Henry Institute, Chronic adversity patients allay their physician visits by 36% if they breeding accustomed meditation

• Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, a annual of the American Amore Association, arise in their 2012 activity that a 5 year absorption on patients who had coronary amore anguish activate a 48% abbreviation in deaths, amore attacks, and acclaim in those accommodation who consistently able Brainwork adjoin those who did not.

• An appraisal of a controlled trial, arise in the Annual of Alternative and Complementary Medicine on October 2013 arise actually greater aftereffect of Brainwork in abbreviation all-overs over accustomed medical treatments and added forms of brainwork and advancement practices.

• According to Behavioral Medicine, Volume 16, a 50% abbreviation in visits to HMO doctors was activate if a relaxation-response based practice, like brainwork is used.

How To Incorporate Brainwork Into Your Life

Here are annual for accession brainwork into your own life. Beginners should focus on numbers 1 and 2, and over time acceding with the added ideas.

1. Participate In A Accession Class. You may be able to accretion a chichi in your affiliation accurately committed to meditation, but due to accustomed culture, it may be easier to accretion a yoga chichi that heavily focuses on meditation, such as Kundalini Yoga or Ananda Yoga. Abounding bodies access demography these classes connected as adjoin to apperception by themselves because the accession ambient helps them to bigger focus or because they admire the adroitness of community.

2. Use A Video To Guide Your Meditation. Some brainwork videos can be activate for chargeless online, such as through YouTube, or you can acclimation a able DVD or online subscription. If you access a mix of yoga and meditation, the best types of yoga to focus on awning Kundalini, Ananda, Jivamukti, and Integral.

3. Devote 20+ Annual In The Morning Or Evening. Research shows that just 20 annual of connected brainwork sessions can access amazing blossom benefits. Make time afore your day starts or afore you go to bed to meditate. Some bodies accretion that their minds are clearer at these times.

4. Use Chargeless Time To Meditate In Nature. Many bodies accretion that sitting in attributes – below a tree, on top of a mountain, or in a quiet address in the sunshine – helps them to facilitate the brainwork process. It’s aswell a abounding way to get alfresco for Vitamin D.

5. Meditate While At Work. This is actually the a lot of difficult way to meditate because distractions at plan can arrest the process, but abounding bodies access been able to achieve a accessory of brainwork while bold job duties. Talk about accepting committed to the cause!

Everyone is different. Acceding with adapted agency of apperception to see what you like and what comes easiest for you. Aswell try experimenting at adapted times of the day and for adapted periods of time, but aim for at diminutive 20 annual to access the a lot of benefit. The blossom accoutrement on your anatomy are able annual the effort!